Welcome to the NewsBizBlog!

Dear Newsmedia Executives,

Welcome to the NewsBizBlog, a panoramic view of the ever-morphing multiple media landscape as it relates to business strategies, trends, revenue-making, new channels and executive management decisions from multiple media companies around the world. Virtually every media company owns multiple media portfolios, so this blog has been created to constantly update and examine and transitions in television, Internet, newspapers, mobile, radio, tablets, magazines and the next new channels.

Join us Monday through Friday for our well-curated blog items that will paint a relevant and useful portrait of the emerging media landscape today. The NewsBizBlog is part of the next generation media association, the World Newsmedia Network, which is officially launching next week! The World Newsmedia Network, http://www.wnmn.org, is a not-for-profit, multiple media association which produces essential industry research and events. WNMN is devoted to advocacy on the media industry’s key issues, and actionable strategies for revenue making in challenging economies and competitive landscapes around the world.

Martha L Stone, head of WNMN.org
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