MediaBiz and Twitter: A magnetic relationship

In the highly competitive media business, every player is vying for consumers’ attention. In an ideal world, broadcasters and publishers need a marketing magnet to drive audience to their websites, television programmes and printed publications.

Many media businesses have found this magnet in Twitter. Consider: top tweeters are entertainers like Lady Gaga, sports icons like Lebron James, media companies like CNN Breaking News and The New York Times, TV series like Glee, and awards shows like last night’s Comedy Awards on Viacom’s Comedy Central in the United States. Famed comics Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, tweet regularly to promote their daily satires on world events. 

By integrating Twitter feeds throughout a live or first-broadcast TV programme, or on a live webcast, tweets provide real-time advertising for the shows. Twitter is reportedly working on monetising these powerful Twitter feeds, which are driving traffic, by all accounts. Glee, for example, is attracting sometimes 100 tweets per second.
According to AllThingsD, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s strategy is to continue to lobby high-profile TV celebrities to tweet their performances, and ask others to tweet their performances.

Forty percent of all tweets are created on mobile devices. Last year, only 25 percent were, Costolo said. On mainstream television, when Twitter is integrated into the broadcast, this presents more engagement with the audience. The higher engagement makes DVR viewing less prevalent, which makes advertisers happier.

Image: AllThingsD

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