’s new video player prioritises sharing and search has launched its new video player today, aiming to make watching its business news videos easier and less time consuming, while also capitalising on its extensive archives to make it easier for users to find and share its videos, the company announced.

CNBC has had a head start with video for a business audience, compared to its competitors at other financial news outlets, such as Dow Jones, Reuters and even Bloomberg, which boasts its own TV network, paidContent explained. “So as its rivals invest heavily in building up their own respective video assets, has revamped its player to make its large archives and constantly growing content easier to find and share.”

Online videos at appear to be finding increased popularity. The latest data from comScore shows that’s unique monthly users in March reached 7.8 million, an 83 percent increase compared to the same time in 2010.

The list of new features include:
– A searchable, real-time transcript that appears next to most U.S. videos as they play.
– A “jump to” feature that enables users to click anywhere in the transcript to start the video from that point.
– An “auto scroll” feature that syncs the transcript with the video as it plays.
– A sharing function that enables users to share full clips or a selected portion of videos, via e-mail or on social networks.
– Embedding functions that allow websites and blogs to embed clips from, as well as allowing users to choose start and end points.
– The video player automatically shows related content and videos.
– Commenting: For the first time, users can share their comments next to the clip they view.
– Stock symbol look-up: Users can search videos based on a company’s stock symbol.

Image: Video via

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