Apple’s ad network regains shares thanks to Verizon iPhone

Although Google’s Android is still the No. 1 mobile operating system on Millennial Media’s ad network, Apple’s iOS bounced back in March due to the growth of the Verizon iPhone, Cnet Reviews reported.
Android accounted for 48 percent of all ad impressions on the network, while iOS was up by 11 percent to a 31 percent share in February. It was iOS’s first solid gain since it started to lose ground to Andriod on the mobile network in late 2010, according to the latest MobileMix report by Millennial Media.
Another big gainer was Research In Motion, increasing by 29 percent to an 18 percent share of all ad impressions. Millennial Media pointed out that the growth resulted from the rising popularity of RIM’s BlackBerry Torch. Both Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows Phone remained flat, each contributing 1 percent share. 
Among mobile devices, Apple still remained as a hardware manufacturer leader with 32 percent of all mobile ad impressions on Millennial Media’s network, up 14 percent since February, according to AppleInsider. Samsung was in second place with 15 percent, followed by HTC, with about 11 percent. 
Among all the ad impressions, smartphones were the biggest contributor, with 64 percent, tracked by Millennial Media. Feature phones accounted for 19 percent, while connected devices, such as the iPad and iPod Touch, made up 17 percent.

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