Facebook wants new friends: Journalists

With the creation of a new position, journalist programme manager, Facebook has begun its push to build relationships with news outlets, especially journalists, CNN reported yesterday.

Facebook has hired Mashable’s former community manager, Vadim Lavrusik, for the role, which he will begin April 25. In his new position, Lavrusik will advocate using Facebook as a tool for both reporting and promotions.

On its newly launched Facebook and Journalists page, which Lavrusik will head, the social network gives newsmedia outlets tips on using Facebook to reach audiences, through creating a Page, posting articles to the Page, engaging fans, and linking the Page with mobile devices.

Facebook is likely trying to catch up with competitors like Twitter and Tumblr, which have become widely adopted by reporters, CNN noted. Twitter has a three-person media partnerships team.

On its Facebook and Journalists page, the site wrote that since it began launching media initiatives in early 2010, the average media organisation has seen “a greater than 300 percent increase in referral traffic from Facebook.”

When cultural influencers like journalists use a site like Facebook as a tool, it creates more value for the tools – in this case, adding stability to Facebook’s high valuation, Venture Beat explained. And the more people using a platform for their work, “the better it is for the platforms,” digital media professor and director for the Knight Center at Arizona State University Dan Gillmor pointed out to CNN.

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