Spending cuts may result in the BBC’s ‘slimmed-down’ news channel

The BBC is considering proposals that include a “slimmed-down” BBC News channel, MediaGuardian reported today, quoting “internal documents seen by MediaGuardian.co.uk.”

The documents detail options in which the BBC would “release 20% (£89m) in overall savings between 2013/14 and 2016/17” under the “Delivering Quality First” initiative by director general Mark Thompson, which aims to cut costs by 20 percent.

A BBC spokeswoman told MediaGuardian that no decisions have been made yet, and any upcoming decisions will have to be approved by the BBC Trust.

The cuts are due to an agreement made in October between the BBC and the government that would result in a six-year license fee freeze.

The BBC World Service is funded by the license fee, and when it was announced last week that some deep cuts would have to be made in that area, British lawmakers said plans to cut funding should be dropped. As of October last year, the BBC said in its first announcement about the license fee freeze that the World Service came with a price tag of £272 million, paid for by the Foreign Office.

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