Washington Post introduces social media news site Trove

The Washington Post Co. on Wednesday launched its free social news aggregation site Trove in public beta, TechCrunch reported. 
The site pulls news from over 10,000 sources on the Web. Users can set up contents sorted by interests, and personalise on the site or in apps by adding or subtracting “channels”, which filters news on a specific topics, the Los Angeles Times reported. 
Trove can also sort news by connecting to Facebook and getting a user’s information. Then the algorithms will decide what a person would be interested in.
“Because Trove is all about the individual user, the experience is customised and different for everyone, We believe launching Trove is a good step toward understanding what the future of news could look like,” said Vijay Ravindran, Washington Post’s chief digital officer, in a statement
The publisher said more social media features will be added to Trove later, as well as higher integration with Facebook, the LA Times reported. 
Besides desktop, Trove is also available on the Android and Blackberry phones. Don Graham, chairman and CEO of the Washington Post Company said that iPhone and iPad apps are also ‘coming soon’ in a welcome letter on Facebook. 
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