paidContent’s ‘Social Standing’ finds out what people really think of your media company

“Likes” on Facebook and followers on Twitter are what media companies these days strive for, as they use social media to both reach and interact better with audiences and to build their brands.

But larger social media numbers don’t always mean better relationships with audiences, and paidContent today launched Social Standing in order to help newsmedia outlets answer that burning question: “what are people actually saying about companies on blogs and microblogs, and is it good or bad?”

Using social measurement company Trendrr, which mines blog posts, tweets and more, Social Standing will index top media and entertainment companies and brands “to gauge the ‘sentiment’ around those entities. Trendrr has assigned a real-time score, from zero to 100, to each company, and you can see how that score is changing daily, weekly and monthly. You can also click on any of the companies or brands to see specifically what people are saying about it.”

Trendrr classifies mentions of brands as positive, negative or neutral by “extracting words and phrases from social media conversions and then running them through natural-language processing tools,” the Social Standing page explained. “A company universally praised, for instance, would receive the top score of 100, while one that got only panned would receive a score of 0. An entity equally panned and praised would receive a score of 50. Any company or brand with a score under 50 is receiving a greater percentage of negative than positive mentions. A specific example: An entity that receives 100 positive mentions, 200 negative mentions, and 700 neutral mentions would receive a score of 45.”

Image: The top 10 companies on the Social Standing list, based on change, as of 18:42 CST

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