BBC Trust approves new strategy for Worldwide

The BBC Trust has approved a new strategy for BBC Worldwide, with great focus on overseas, according to a company news release, reported
The announcement follows an 18 month-long review of the company’s commercial activities. 
“The BBC Executive’s strategy for BBC Worldwide is now to develop a more integrated and ‘balanced’ internationally-focused portfolio that, within the agreed parameters, balances the need for growth with acceptable levels of risk. BBC Worldwide should also seek to invest in growth businesses which offer new rights monetisation opportunities,” according to the review. 
BBC Worldwide declared it would end mergers and acquisitions outside of exceptional circumstances, such as the controversial deal with Lonely Planet, and to become a “more internationally facing business,” MediaGuardian reported. The company also decided to divest stakes in non-BBC-branded international channels, “where it makes commercial sense,” and stop any activity that is not branded. 
According to a BBC Worldwide spokesperson: “Our strategy for continued growth will bring an even stronger focus on international markets and taking high-quality British content to the world,” MediaGuardian reported.
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