Coverage overload: Royal wedding audience may be largest in TV history

In what may command the biggest audience in television history, an estimated 8,500 journalists are expected in London tomorrow for the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, MediaGuardian reported today.

Outside, more than 36 studios, from the BBC, to Al Jazeera, to NBC, have been set up in a three-story structure. Surrounding the structure are broadcast vans and other equipment that take up so much room that part of Green Park has been closed to the public. In all, there are more than 100 overseas broadcasting organisations.

Meanwhile, inside Westminster Abbey, 40 broadcast cameras, 28 reporters and 12 photographers will be seated alongside the 1,900 guests.

A large portion of newsmedia outlets covering the wedding will be from the United States. Media measurement company Nielsen reported that online coverage of the nuptials is “considerably higher” in American than in Britain, The Telegraph reported.

Over the past two months, online media outlets have published a story about the wedding every 10 seconds, Global Post noted.

Of the 8,500 total expected journalists, 6,500 are officially accredited by the palace, according to MediaGuardian.

Image: Global Post

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