WSJ creates premium service for CFOs

The Wall Street Journal has long held a position most online news destinations envy: the ability to charge for top financial news online, and actually make a profit. Today the newspaper announced it is going even further, and targeting even more niche audiences with the launch of its CFO Journal.

The new premium subscription service targets chief financial officers and other top financial executives, and promises “exclusive news, insight into trends, interviews with key newsmakers, as well as a financial data dashboard and a morning briefing delivered via email that sets the day’s financial agenda.”

The subscription price of CFO Journal is US$49 per month, and current subscribers will have full access to the service until Aug. 1.

CFO Journal subscribers will also have full access to, as well as Factivia SmartSearch, according to paidContent.

The CFO Journal is not only is “a source of relevant news and real-time analysis, but it provides tools financial professionals need for key business decisions,” Robert Thomson, editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Co. and managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, said in a statement.

Other niche publications in the WSJ lineup include the Wall Street Journal Professional Edition, DJ FX Trader and Dow Jones Investment Banker.

Image: WSJ

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