TV set ownership drops in U.S.

Television set ownership in the United States has declined from 98.9 percent last year to 96.7 percent this year – the first time the number has gone down in 20 years, the Nielsen Company has announced.

The decline is due to two main factors: a rise in poverty on one end, as a growing number of the population likely cannot afford necessary digital upgrades; and a rise in technology usage on the other end, as users watch television shows on PCs and tablet computers instead of on TV sets, The New York Times reported.

“The numbers will kick off another round of debate about cord-cutting, cord-shaving, and cord-nevers – young ‘uns who grew up watching Google’s YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc., and have never found a reason to get a TV,” All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka explained.

“This last group is getting particular scrutiny from the TV executives I talk to, who generally remain convinced that only a very vocal minority of people have ditched TV for the Internet. But many of those same executives fret that a new generation of video watchers may never embrace TV, period.”

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