ASNE releases policies for social media platforms

We usually hear about social media platforms being discussed as ways to disseminate news and drive traffic, but in its latest report, the American Society for News Editors looks at things the other way around, delving into the opportunities, challenges and risks of collecting information via the mediums.

In its “10 Best Practices for Social Media,” out yesterday, the ASNE hopes to offer the following guidelines to help editors form their own best policies:

1. Traditional ethics rules still apply online.

2. Assume everything you write online will become public.

3. Use social media to engage with readers, but professionally.

4. Break news on your website, not on Twitter.

5. Beware of perceptions.

6. Independently authenticate anything found on a social networking site.

7. Always identify yourself as a journalist.

8. Social networks are tools not toys.

9. Be transparent and admit when you’re wrong online.

10. Keep internal deliberations confidential.

The takeaways can be read about in more detail by downloading the ASNE report, available here.

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