New York Times traffic declines

The New York Times’ share of all newspaper web site page views in U.S. declined from 13 percent in March to 10.6 percent in April, according to the latest data from comScore. It was the lowest in the past 12 months, AdAge reported.

The total number of page views of the newspaper site plunged 24.4 percent from March to April, following the introduction of the new online pay wall on March 28, larger than the overall decline of 7.5 percent for newspaper Web sites as a whole.

Some other news sites, according to a Times spokeswoman, also saw traffic drop, which was attributed to a quieter news scene in April versus March, when major events in Japan and Libya happened, MediaPost reported.

In April, Yahoo News had its page views down 23.9 percent and down 21.4 percent, AdAge reported.

“Despite the significance of the news, which can’t be discounted, we retained our ranking in terms of unique users, page views and engagement, and that’s important. So to us these are very strong and we’re very pleased,” she added.

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