U.S. digital music sales up

U.S. digital album and individual track sales rose 1.6 percent so far this year. In 2010, digital album sales increased 16.8 percent, with individual track purchases boosted 9.6 percent, according to The Nielsen Company.

In 2010, overall music sales reached 1.5 billion, down 2.4 percent from the previous year. Digital tracks sold, however, totaled 1.17 billion, Media Post reported.

Physical sales in music were in a decline year-over-year. But vinyl record sales, though only accounting for 1.2 percent of all physical sales, keep growing, and are estimated to reach 3.5 million units this year, up 25 percent over the year before.

Rock is still on the top as the most popular genre, with 32 percent album share, while pop music represents 40 percent of all current digital tracks sold, according to Nielsen.

“Strong releases and aggressive promotions by the labels and retailers are among the many contributing factors to the strength we’re seeing in the music industry,” according to Dave Bakula, senior vice president, analytics, entertainment for The Nielsen Company.

Image: dusk-photography via Flickr

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