New Nook has 1 button, touch screen

Barnes & Noble today announced its new Nook, called the Simple Touch Reader, targeting customers “turned off by buttons, keyboards and complexity,” paidContent reported today.

“The Kindle 3 has 38 buttons,” said B&N CEO William Lynch. “That’s 37 more than the new Nook.”

The Simple Touch Reader is WiFi-only, because 3G is not important to the consumers the e-reader is targeting, he said. It is also lighter, weighing less than a paperback book (at 7.5 ounces), has a six-inch display and a battery life of two months. It is priced at US$139 and will begin shipping June 10, according to Reuters.

News of the new e-reader comes less than a week after Liberty Media offered $980 million for Barnes & Noble. And on Monday, it was reported that female magazine readers prefer Nook Color, with titles geared toward women on the Nook Color outperforming sales on the iPad.

Image: Baltimore Sun

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