Study: 60% of TV watchers simultaneously toy with their mobiles

It is no surprise that people consume other media, such as smartphones, laptops, or iPads, while watching TV. According to a new study conducted by IPG Media Lab and ad platform YuMe, the most common distraction goes to mobile phone, Business Insider reported.
The study targeted 48 TV watchers from the Los Angeles area – the sample size is small, but it could provide a glimpse of the potential futures on media consumption.
According to the study, six out of 10 TV watchers toyed with their mobile phones while watching TV, while another 33 percent watched with their laptops open. Another 12 percent utilised the time to “do work,” TIME reported.
Only six percent chose to watch TV without any distractions.
This may indicate an opportunity for marketers to leverage consumer ad experiences across different platforms simultaneously, Business Insider noted.

Image: YuMe

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