Fairfax unveils iPad apps for Sydney Morning Herald, The Age

Fairfax Media has launched iPad applications for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and will begin charging for subscriptions through the apps in the future, The Australian reported today.

Each app is expected to cost AU$8.99. Fairfax has said it will roll out a three-tiered access model: free content, free content for which registration is required to view it and paid content.

The Age’s iPad app resembles its print edition, because it is meant for readers to spend time with it, whereas the website is for a quicker browsing experience, said iPad editor for The Age David Dick. It will be free under a sponsorship deal with Telstra until Nov. 30.

“We see it as something that people will read in the morning while they commute,” he said, “and we expect them to look at the website during the working day and then we will update a lot of the content by the time people are commuting back home.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that readers of both apps will be able to share articles via social media, save them to read later, leave comments, watch videos and photo galleries, download weekly sections and magazines and read updated content throughout the day. The sports sections come with live scores, while business sections will have updated stock figures.

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