Analytics firm: Better video experiences make for happier (and more) users

If an online user has a bad experience trying to watch a video, that user may leave the site, and will blame the website hosting the video for the problems. So how do publishers pinpoint these issues and fix them?

Video analytics firm Alcatel-Lucent today is showing off its latest product, aimed at top level service providers, and designed to discover where and when problems arise in a user’s video viewing experience, MediaPost reported.

AppGlide Video Analytics views the video experience from a user’s point of view, and uses “player plug-ins to measure Quality of Experience (QoE) across the network and determine when things like delayed starts and buffering cause people to bail in different regions. It also offers tools for measuring content delivery network devices as well as analyse content usage.”

The service is being pitched mainly to telecom companies and cable operators, Light Reading explained. It’s most basic goals are to help service providers reduce customer churn, and to also decide whether they can charge more for certain kinds of “over-the-top” video and related services, said Buck Peterson, general manager of AppGlide.

“The loyalty [of customers] is not with the service provider, but with that online piece of content,” he said, according to the report.

Image: Mullen

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