Ex-Newsweek president to launch 7 new iPad magazines

Created to launch tablet-only magazines, Nomad Editions will release seven or eight more titles on the iPad in the coming months, CEO Mark Edmiston, former Newsweek president, told paidContent.

The company’s free iOS carousel app went live May 11, and currently houses five titles: Real Eats (food), Wide Screen (movies), BodySmart (fitness and weight loss), u+me (social media) and Uncorked (wine). Each title is new, and costs 99 cents per month, or US$9.99 per year.

Introductory issues of the first four titles were free, and subscriptions can be placed through In-App purchase. The subscription automatically renews at the beginning of each month, unless the user chooses to cancel.

Of people who download the app for free, 10 percent convert to paying subscribers, Edmiston said. Currently, the magazines are created for the iPad, but they may become available on other platforms in the future, paidContent noted.

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