Chinese government newspaper blasts Google

A leading Chinese government newspaper today accused Google of being a “political tool” after the Internet company accused the government of hacking into its system in an attempt to steal the e-mail passwords of hundreds of its account holders last week, The Telegraph reported.
“Google should not become too involved in an international political struggle nor act as a tool in a political game,” the editorial, titled “Google, What do You Want?” The editorial appeared in an overseas version of the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s mouthpiece.
Google’s allegation was “a vicious intent of sparking new disputes concerning Internet security between China and the U.S.”, stated the Chinese paper, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Last week Google reported some of the Gmail accounts, including those belonging to senior U.S. officials, journalists and activists, have been hit by hackers who appeared to have come from Jinan, Shandong Province in coastal Eastern China, AFP reported.
It is the second time Google has reported a cyber attack from China. A similar incident happened early last year, which made the company to stop bowing to online censors and close down its servers in China. Beijing later virulently denied any involvements in the attacks and said the claims were “groundless.”
Image: Josh Chin/WSJ via Daily Tech

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