The Australian to charge for some online content

The Australian, News Corp.’s  flagship newspaper Down Under, has announced plans to launch online paywalls in order to generate more revenue from readers, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Beginning in October, the paper will move to a “freemium” model; basic stories will remain free but premium content, such as features, will be paid for. According to Richard Freudenstein, chief executive of News Ltd.’s digital business and The Australian, online access will cost A$2.95 (US$3.16) a week for a digital-only subscription or $7.95 for six days of the print version plus a full digital subscription, The Herald Sun reported.

News Ltd.’s other metropolitan publications, including the Herald Sun and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, are also expected to be put behind paywalls, under a different pricing system. The launch date, however, is yet to be announced, The Australian reported.

News Corp. has already adopted the online paid model for other flagship titles in other parts of the world, including The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal.

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