Google to buy AdMeld for $400 million

Google is in the final stages of a deal to buy AdMeld, an advertising optimisation platform for publishers that tries to get them the best prices for their inventory, for about US$400 million, TechCrunch reported.

Current customers of AdMeld include The Weather Channel, Fox News and, as well as more than 500 others, according to VatorNews. More than 50 percent of impressions sold through AdMeld are done so through its real-time bidding platform. A year ago, only 1 percent of impressions were sold in real-time.

AdMeld also provides an in-browser ad monitoring tool, called FireMeld.

The deal isn’t expected to sail through quickly, however. Google already dominates the display ads field, and the deal is sizable, which means anti-trust regulators are likely to scrutinise it for some time, All Things Digital reported.

Google did have success with its $750 million AdMob purchase last year, which shows it has confidence this deal will go through, the report pointed out.

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