Huffington Post’s traffic surpasses The New York Times

The Huffington Post has recorded more monthly unique users than The New York Times in May, data from comScore shows.

Traffic at The NY Times last month its traffic was at 33.6 million uniques, and was passed by the HuffPo, at about 35.5 million uniques, according to Business Insider. But the rising traffic to HuffPo pages is also thanks in part to redirects to the site from, a NY Times employee pointed out in an e-mail to BI.

However, the issue isn’t one of competition between the HuffPo and NY Times. Rather, it’s a question of: “What are their respective roles in the news ecosystem and why does that matter to their audiences and to journalism?” Poynter’s Julie Moos wrote.

The top player in the U.S. online news market continues to be the Yahoo! News Network, at 73 million uniques in May, down from 88 million uniques in April. CNN followed, with 64 million, and MSNBC was next, with 45 million, Poynter reported.

The Washington Post and LA Times were both at close to 20 million in May, and the Wall Street Journal has slightly declined from January, to just below 15 million in May, BI noted.

Image: AOL employee Brad Garlinghouse’s tweet about the traffic numbers

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