Deadline looms for apps with ‘buy’ button

Apps with “external mechanisms for purchases … such as a ‘Buy’ button that goes to a website to purchase a digital book” have less than three weeks until Apple Inc.’s new iTunes App Store rules go into effect June 30.

Apple recently changed its App Store policies, deleting language that required media outlets to offer paid content at the same or better rates than what they offer elsewhere, like on their own websites, and removing requirements that subscription-based content must be simultaneously made available as a purchase within the app, when it’s also available in a separate store.

However, the technology giant will continue to reject any publisher app that contains a “Buy” button that leads a user to a point of purchase outside of Apple.

This puts Amazon’s Kindle in a tough spot, as its app features a “Shop in Kindle Store” button, CNNMoney pointed out today. Apps for Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Borders also have so-called “Buy” buttons. An Apple spokesman would not discuss what will happen to the apps on June 30, nor would Amazon, B&N or Borders comment, the report stated.

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