Report: Mobile growth skyrocketing for businesses

People using data services on their mobiles is growing in a big way, data on the impact of mobile from Rutberg & Co. and shared with paidContent shows.

In the United Kingdom, for example, 48 percent of mobile users currently use a data service at least once a month; this is up from 30 percent last year. The growth is likely due to a growth in smartphone usage, according to Enders Analysis.

Facebook’s mobile users, meanwhile, are twice as active as those accessing the site from personal computers. Music streaming service Pandora, which just listed, is seeing more than 60 percent of its new users coming from mobile, and it sends more than 60 percent of its streaming content to mobile devices.

The chart also shows, among other statistics, that Amazon now sells more than e-books than physical books less than four years after launching its Kindle; Twitter user growth is at 182 percent year-on-year; Google made US$1 billion in mobile revenues in 2010; 35 percent of Yelp searches come from mobile; and Starbucks saw 3 million transactions for its mobile card app in the first nine weeks after launch. For the full chart, click here.

Rutberg & Co.’s data release comes just a day before it is set to host its Future:Mobile 2011 forum in San Francisco.

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