Vincos maps Facebook’s world domination

World Map of Social Networks

The sun never sets on Facebook’s empire.
Global takeovers in this day and age are in the digital world, and a new edition of the World Map of Social Networks on Vincos Blog shows Facebook’s progressive domination from June 2009 until June 2011.

As of this month, Facebook has established leadership in the social networking space in 119 out of 134 countries.

In June 2009, 17 social networks maintained leadership status in countries around the globe. By June 2010, there were just 14. Today, that number has shrunk to nine, with Facebook’s realm taking over. Since December 2010, Facebook has become the top social networking site used in Iran and Syria despite censorship issues, and the Netherlands and Brazil are expected to be the next countries where Facebook takes the lead, Vincos Blog predicts.

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