Tapjoy creates $5m fund to move apps to Android

Mobile advertising company Tapjoy today launched a US$5 million fund to help app creators shift their apps to the Android mobile operating system, Venture Beat reported.

Tapjoy lost business when Apple changed rules to prohibit services like its pay-per-install incentive business. Apple was concerned about game companies using marketing schemes in which users were offered incentives to download another app, which helped those companies reach top 25 lists. Apple felt these schemes distorted top rankings. The incentive scheme was a main part of its business model; however, Tapjoy offered to compromise and cap installs, but Apple would not agree, the report explained.

The Tapjoy Android Fund will give working capital to select developers, helping fund developments, porting services and distribution, a press release stated. Tapjoy will also provide testing services to make sure the apps work on all top Android handsets.

“Tapjoy is in the business of democratizing the application ecosystem by bringing innovative content and targeted experiences to consumers while providing a level playing field for developers large and small to get their apps discovered,” Mihir Shah, president and CEO of Tapjoy, stated in the release.

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