BBC director discusses content in a post-PC world

The BBC’s future media director today wrote that the corporation will grow not through expanding current content; rather, but by taking existing content to the growing variety of devices on which people access media.

“We see the emergence of a post-PC world and we are embracing it as an opportunity to reach our audiences on whatever ‘piece of glass’ they choose to use, with an experience appropriate for each device,” Ralph Rivera wrote in his BBC blog.

“I believe that media is simply the intersection of storytelling and technology – whether it’s the Gutenberg press, radio or television – technology has enabled more pervasive and immersive storytelling, and it will be that way with the internet,” he stated. “It’s in that spirit that we approach our digital future – not as a software company with content as a feature, but a storyteller with software as an enabler.”

Emphasizing content and making that content available for audiences to access it is the core strategy – not the platforms themselves, he pointed out.

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