Hulu reaches new commercial deal with Disney

Hulu has reached a new TV programme deal with Walt Disney, one of its co-owners, which will bring more commercials to shows, Media Post reported.

According to Bloomberg and Variety, the deal will result in more commercial time during a typical TV program. According to executives, News Corp., another co-owner of Hulu, recently made a similar deal.

Currently on Hulu, there are about four to six commercials in a 30-minute or 60-minute TV show. In a typical one-hour TV show, it can air twenty 30-second national TV commercial, while in a half-hour show, it can air around ten 30-second commercials.

Overall, non-programme time, including national commercials, local advertising and TV promos, totals 14 to 16 minutes for an hour-long show, or about eight minutes for a half-hour show, Media Post reported.

Both Chase Carey, president/COO of News Corp. and Bob Iger, president /CEO of Walt Disney Co., have pointed out that Hulu needs to improve how to monetise its business – they deliver fewer commercials compared to those same shows on traditional TV.

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