Report: Following PCs, mobiles access newspaper sites most

Overwhelmingly, personal computers are used most to access newspaper websites in 13 countries, a new report from comScore shows. This is followed by mobiles and then tablets, according to the Device Essentials reporting service, which shows digital traffic by device.

Traffic coming from devices other than computers is highest in the United Kingdom, at 9.8, followed by Singapore, at 8.8 percent.

When looking at non-personal computer devices for all online traffic, the iPhone and iPad lead. In Canada, the iPad makes up 33.5 percent of newspaper site traffic, just behind the iPhone’s 34.6 percent. In Singapore, the iPhone makes up 51.9 percent, with the iPad at 26.2 percent.

Tablets running on the Android operating system are still very low – at under 1 percent in all the countries other than Singapore. However, Android mobile phones are closely following Apple devices, with 35.6 percent in the United States and 30.6 percent in Japan.

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