FT seeing success after leaving Apple for Web-based app

In just two and half weeks since its launch on June 7, the Financial Times web app is nearing 200,000 downloads, MediaWeek reported

The financial news publisher was the first to break the trend with Apple’s in-app purchasing rules and explore the new web-based app on its own, through launching an HTML5 website. The newspaper publisher made it very clear it could not agree with Apple’s 30 percent sales cut of apps purchased through its App Store, and not having full access to its subscriber data, PadGadget reported.
Apple loosened its App Store policies earlier this month, but continues to take a 30 percent cut of purchases made through its platform, and gives subscribers the option to share their information with publishers – it does not automatically give publishers the data.
If the 200,000 figure download proves to be accurate, “it could help drive web app usage with other news publishers too in Europe and across the world, as many have taken umbrage at the lack of access to subscriber demographics and also the 30 percent cut that Apple takes,” The Next Web pointed out. 
“We have launched a new, faster, more complete app for the iPad and iPhone which is available via your browser rather than from an app store. We’re encouraging our readers to switch immediately to the new FT web app, as many new features and sections will be added over the coming weeks. Make sure you don’t miss out on these updates. Go to app.ft.com on your iPad or iPhone,” states the FT website, according to The Next Web.
According to a recent monthly update to its staff, John Ridding, FT chief executive revealed that the app was downloaded 100,000 times in its first week. Though the figures have not yet been independently verified, the new web app boasts more comprehensive features than the publisher’s older apps, MediaWeek reported.
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