WPP launches digital media advertising unit

WPP, the world’s largest marketing group by sales, has launched a digital media ad unit, a one-stop shop for clients to buy targeted, mobile and social network advertising, the Financial Times reported.
This action will help the firm to directly compete with products from Google and Microsoft.
This team, named Xaxis, will allow marketers to build up anonymous profiles of would-be consumers from different demographics, U Talk Marketing reported.
“We took a fundamentally different stance in this space than our traditional agency competitors”, said Brian Lesser, chief executive of Xaxis, to the Financial Times. “We thought it was very important to have proprietary technology because we are better able to control our advertisers’ data and to manage different solutions.”
Lesser said Xaxis will work with third-parties, including Google, but will not rely on its “full technology stack,” FT.com reported.
“We are much better suited to offer competitive products that integrate with what our agencies are doing … Google is a great partner of ours but we don’t rely on their full technology stack the way some of our colleagues at other agencies do,” he added.
Publicis and Omnicom, two of WPP’s key ricals, have both recently set up their own digital teams, FT.com reported.
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