U.S. advertisers: Ad spending going up

U.S. advertisers and marketers plan to increase their advertising spending over the next 12 months, according to the latest survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, AdAge reported.

The study, which survey more than 3,200 ad and marketing executives, found that those at the biggest consumer brands more optimistic about adding their ad budgets than at any point in the last four years.

Conducted every six months, the study found that the economy has rebounded, with both agency and marketer execs said spending is going up. “The biggest surprise was that in the face of what appears to be a weakening economy, optimism is not just maintaining but increasing among advertisers,” CEO Ken Pearl said.

However, the comeback is not evenly distributed across media. Confidence in digital and mobile, where marketers usually increase spending, is flat. Although it’s still high, but marketers feel they’re spending sufficient dollars there. “They’re not planning to reduce spending in digital and mobile, they plan to maintain it,” added Pearl.

The big growth in sentiment is going to old media, Marketing Mag reported.

Image: AdAge

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