FT most widely read daily by wealthy Europeans

The Financial Times is the most widely read paid newspaper by people with high incomes in Europe, the European Media and Marketing Survey announced, MediaWeek reported yesterday.

According to the study, the London-based newspaper is read by 1.9 percent of the continent’s wealthiest people – an average of 910,000 European elites. The readership in United Kingdom was 376,700, or 5.9 percent of the country’s most well off.

The EMS “covers the main income earners living in the top 20% of households in each of 20 survey countries in Europe. The EMS database contains about 34,000 respondents representing 46 million affluent Europeans,” the survey, conducted by Synovate, explains.

The European edition of the Wall Street Journal follows the FT with 317,000 daily readers, or 0.7 percent of Europe’s wealthiest people, according to MediaWeek. The International Herald Tribune ranks third, with 245,000 readers across Europe (0.5 percent of the continent’s richest people), with most Germany contributing the most daily readers (50,000).
Bloomberg Businessweek is a popular weekly title, reaching 0.7 percent (352,000) of rich Europeans each week.

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