Weekly news round-up: Digital growth across the media spectrum

What do advertising, television, newspapers and magazines all have in common? They’re all growing across digital platforms. This week, we saw evidence of this everywhere – from ad forecasts, to sales, to app updates, to moving funds in order to make digital growth a top priority.

– Online advertising is almost always on the upswing, but its piece of the global advertising pie is likely to be even bigger than expected by the end of the year. Digital advertising will contribute 17 percent of overall worldwide advertising this year, compared to the previous forecast of 16 percent. In addition, the digital ad sector is increasing at between 15 and 16 percent annually. By 2012, it will surpass US$100 billion worldwide, according to media buying firm GroupM.

Internet-connected television sets have been prosperous, and by the end of 2011, their numbers are expected to surpass those of game consoles for the first time. By the end of 2011, connected TV sets sold globally, from Samsung, LG and Sony, will reach 52 million, compared to 37 million game consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.
Guardian News & Media is shifting its focus to the digital world, and part of that plan includes cutting costs in print. The Guardian and Observer newspapers will no longer publish international editions beginning in October. The publisher announced in mid-June it has set its sights on becoming a “digital-first organisation,” and would focus on pushing its content out on digital platforms.

– Popular iPad social media reading app Flipboard released updates and new features, giving users the ability to pull an unlimited number of RSS feeds from content publishers or websites. Coupled with a new content guide to make searching across sources easier, the app enables users to browse even thousands of sources much more easily. Apple had already named Flipboard the Best iPad App of 2010, and the changes only promise more success for the app.

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