Will viewers follow canceled shows online?

U.S. soap opera mainstays All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled weeks ago by Disney-owned broadcaster ABC. But in today’s digital world, being canceled by a television network doesn’t mean death for a programme like it used to.

The two shows are being given a second chance at life, online.

A new, currently unnamed television-focused online network will pick up the shows where they left off, and the same cast, crew, and talent will continue working on them, the New York Post reported. The online network is part of Prospect Park, which is run by former Disney Studios executive Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz.

Created in 2008, Prospect Park is believed to be finishing up a final round of funding in the next month to 45 days.

The soap opera industry has seen a downturn in recent years, but should things go well with Prospect Park, the entire genre will likely see it as a life preserver, Associated Content pointed out.

“We believe that by continuing to produce the shows in their current hour format and with the same quality, viewers will follow the show to our new, online network,” Frank and Kwatinetz stated in a press release, according to paidContent.

All My Children debuted in 1970, and One Life to Live came to the small screen in 1968.

Image via ABC: All My Children’s Erica Kane

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