Pew: 35% of U.S. adults own smartphones

Thirty-five percent of U.S. adults, or 42 percent of U.S. adult mobile users, own some kind of smartphone, according to a recent study by Pew Research Center, Media Post reported.

Another study by Nielsen recently said 37 percent of U.S. mobile users over the age of 13 have smartphones.
Nearly nine out of 10 smartphone users go online and e-mail, and 68 percent do so on a daily basis. One-quarter mostly go online on a mobile device rather than a PC, according to the Pew study surveyed 2,277 people.
The study also found that people who are college-educated, affluent and under 45 are more likely to have smartphones, CNET reported.
In terms of ethnicity, 44 percent of blacks and Latinos use smartphones, versus 30 percent of whites.
Urban and suburban residents are about twice as likely to have a smartphone as those who live in rural areas. About six out of 10 households with annual income more than $75,000 are smartphone owners. Also, in terms of gender, 39 percent of men surveyed had a smartphone, compared to 31 percent of women, Pew reported.
Image: flickr

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