Pandora reaches 100 million users, revamps website

Online radio service Pandora announced today it has 100 million registered users and 36 million monthly active users.

At the end of 2010, Pandora had a 2.3 percent market share of all radio listening in the United States. Six months later, it has a 3.6 percent share, the announcement stated. People access Pandora from computers, smart phones, televisions, set-top boxes, alarm clocks, tablet computers and car dashboards.

In a separate announcement, Pandora said it has remade its website,, in order to be faster, easier to use, and more social. The new site will be unveiled gradually, to help users get used to it and to also get their feedback, PCMag reported.

When the new HTML5 site goes live (the past site was Flash-based), it will be its own social network, and not reliant on Facebook or Twitter, Wired explained. Pandora One subscribers (who pay $3 a month) will see the changes first, while users of the free, ad-supported site will see the changes later this week.

Pandora went public last month, with an IPO debut of US$16 a share.

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