Amazon to launch a tablet in autumn Inc. is planning to release its own tablet computer by October, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

For years, the online books giant has fought with Apple Inc. over digital books, music and mobile applications, and the impending tablet release will give it a leg up in the hardware department and further ratchet up the competition between the two, the article pointed out.

The new tablet is expected to run on an unspecified version of Android, and its design will be outsourced to an Asian manufacturer, and it may be followed next year by an Amazon-designed version.

“It’s been pretty clear for some time that Amazon wants to get in the tablet game, and most critics believe the online retailer is well suited to challenge Apple’s iPad. Amazon is the only Apple rival that can match the iTunes store with a large online MP3 music outlet, an online music player, TV and movie rentals and purchases, e-books and the newly launched Appstore for Android,” PCWorld’s Ian Paul noted.

Amazon’s top competition strategy for the tablet against Apple is expected to be price, The New York Times reported.

A person who works at Amazon said the company is planning to offer the tablet at a lower price than the iPad, and will do this by building a tablet with “the bare necessities inside” through limiting “memory capacity, peripherals and choosing to skip a built-in camera in the device.”

Image: Netbook News

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