Sun Media withdraws newspapers from Ontario Press Council

Sun Media, the biggest newspaper publisher in Canada, has pulled its 27 papers out of the Ontario press council (OPC), complaining about the “politically correct mentality” of the media watchdog, MediaGuardian reported.

“The editorial direction of our newspapers, especially our urban tabloids, is incompatible with a politically correct mentality that informs OPC thinking, in the selection of cases it hears, and the rulings it renders,” Glenn Garnett, vice-president of editorial at Sun Media, wrote in a letter.
The Toronto Sun was recently being criticised due to a photograph it published of Prince William’s wife, Kate, at the moment a gust of wind lifted her dress.
Editor-in-chief James Wallace defended the publication, saying it delivers “news with edge and attitude” and the photograph was deemed to be “compelling and newsworthy.”
According to Jeffrey Dvorkin, executive director of the Organization of News Ombudsmen, the departure is “a blow to the accountability of Sun publications and does not bode well for the company going forward,” Postmedia News reported.

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