Gannett’s 2Q print ad revenues down, TV flat

Gannett reported its print advertising revenues and profits down in the second quarter of this year due to continuing declines across all major ad categories, Media Post reported.

Broadcast television advertising revenues basically remained flat.
Total publishing revenues decreased 4.9 percent from US$1.03 billion to $977.1 million year-over-year, with advertising revenues fell 6.5 percent from $692.2 million to $646.9 million over the same period.
The broadcasting unit held steady, at $184.4 million, up slightly from $184 million in the same period in 2010.
TV revenues, in particular, gained slightly from $177.5 million to $177.7 million.
In the second quarter, the sweet spots for Gannett went to digital advertising, which boosted 12.6 percent to $173.4 million. Including digital properties associated with its publishing and TV divisions, total digital revenues rose 12.6 percent to $276.2 million, which contributed 21percent to the company’s overall revenues.

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