Flipboard and Condé Nast to launch ads

Flipboard, the social media reading app for iPad, has launched a new advertising programme, The Telegraph reported.

It has struck a deal with publisher Condé Nast to display full-page ads in several titles. The first wave of ads appears in The New Yorker – Readers will start seeing branded content from American Express throughout the virtual magazine on their Flipboard app from today, AdWeek reported.

In October, a second round of ads from Lexus will be in Bon Appétit, Wired, and The New Yorker, with additional titles to be added throughout this year.

Number of ad pages offered will be limited, and each will direct to the brand’s Web site or Facebook page.

Flipboard will manage inventory and Condé Nast will maintain the relationships with advertisers directly. The two parties will share revenues, according to a press release announcing the partnership.

According to Flipboard’s Marci McCue, the app offered users a “much more beautiful way to read web content” and it’s a new way for publishers “to monetise web content with no banners [adverts], but instead full-page brand advertising between the pages,” The Telegraph reported.

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