Virgin Media unveils 1.5Gbps broadband trial

British cable company Virgin Media unveiled a 1.5 Gbps broadband connection on a trial basis in a section of London. It is the world’s fastest broadband connection and approximately 250 times faster than the current average in the United Kingdom, the company said, Reuters reported.

The service, if rolled out successfully, will be a great improvement on the broadband infrastructure to both consumers and businesses. With the current average broadband connection, if more than three people in a typical family all surf online at once, perhaps with movies streaming and music downloading, it can clog things up a bit. But with 1.5gbps theoretically it would be possible to have ten users in one place all watching HD, 3D movies at once and still have room left for video conference, Rapid News Network reported.

Other companies also taking part in the 1.5Gb trial include, an online media outfit, and, a video production company.

Image: gizmodo

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