Study: Consumers pay $14 for in-app purchases on average

Although most in-app purchases are under $10, a few “whales” are willing to pay more than $20 in combined in-app transactions, according to a recent study released by Flurry Analytics.

Among all the apps surveyed, 71 percent of all in-app purchases totaled $10 or less. However, those transactions worth $20 or more contributed 51 percent of all the revenue generated.

The average amount of transaction is about $14, PC Mag reported.

This research studied “freemium” apps sold on Android or Apple iOS system. Typically users only pay $1 or nothing for the app, and then made in-app purchases for additional capabilities, maps, virtual goods, or other upgrades. Flurry particularly focused on games, where players may be asked to pay extra for access to a magic sword or other item.

“If you’re a game designer, your main take away is that very few transactions—and consumers who complete those transactions—make up the bulk of your revenue,” said Flurry. “Therefore, your “meta-game” should be about whale hunting.”

Image: Flurry Analytics

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