Mobile commerce traffic soars in Europe

Mobile shopping is growing strongly across Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, yet is still limited to a small portion of mobile subscribers, according to the latest data from comScore.

As of May, the number of people in the top five European markets, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom who access retail sites on their mobile phones was up 37 percent to 13.5 million compared to last year, Media Post reported.

That represents 5.8 percent of all mobile users, which is not far behind the 7.7 percent of U.S. users.

United Kingdom was the best performer, with traffic to mobile retail sites up 118 percent, more than triple the European average. Overall, 9.2 percent of British mobile subcribers access retail sites on their devices.

In U.S., rising adoption of smartphones is one of the major drivers for mobile shopping. Among all European smartphone users, the number of retail site visitors boosted 80 percent, and the figure even reached 163 percent in the United Kingdom. Smartphone penetration in Europe reached 36 percent, slightly higher than the 33 percent in the U.S.

“Over the past year, online retailers enjoyed strong growth in visitation from mobile devices in Europe, largely driven by the acceleration in smartphone ownership,” according to Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe vice president for mobile.

Copp said that the trend could be a double-edged sword for retailers. Mobile shopping represents a new channel for driving sales, but also allows consumers to compare prices easily from competing businesses while shopping in-store, Media Post reported.

Image: Media Post

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