Digital strategy driving growth at Axel Springer

Axel Springer is profiting from its growth in the digital sector and overseas, and saw an 11.8 percent increase in revenues in the first half of the year, the Financial Times reported today.

The German publisher announced its digital sales per issue across its portfolio reached 134,140, and 189,096 for print subscribers who also have digital access, paidContent noted. Half of the daily digital payments it receives for its newspaper Die Welt are through the iPad.

Digital sales surpassed print sales for the first time in the first half, reaching €342 million and €318 million, respectively, Expatica reported. Its digital revenue in the first half was up 30.3 percent compared to last year, reaching €435.1 million. Online advertising was up 42.8 percent, to €357.1 million, according to paidContent.

“The trend is towards a reduction in the number of printed pages and I do not see any sign that this trend will reverse, it is structural,” chief executive Mathias Doepfner said in a conference call, according to Expatica.

Image of Axel Springer’s paid content figures via paidContent

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