Not all publishers complying with Apple’s policies by deadline

The deadline for app owners in Apple’s iTunes to drop “buy” buttons that lead to points of purchase outside Apple passed quietly on June 30. However, the dates publishers began complying with the policies varied.

paidContent has created a list of major publishers, showing how they dealt with the deadline. The list includes The New York Times, which began complying on July 5; the Financial Times, which is unchanged and still allows in-app subscriptions, but processes them through its own channel and asks users to try its HTML5 app; Kindle, which removed its store last Monday; Hulu, which began complying June 17; and the Wall Street Journal, which has ended all transactions within Apple’s apps.

Apple announced in early June that it had changed its App Store policies that previously said media app developers could only offer content for purchase through iTunes. It also deleted language that required media outlets to offer paid content at the same or better rates than what they offer elsewhere, which has made it impossible for the companies to offer special deals or even regular prices at rates less than what is offered through iTunes. The iPad maker also removed requirements that subscription-based content must be simultaneously made available as a purchase within the app, when it’s also available in a separate store.

However, Apple also announced it would continue rejecting any publisher app that contains a “Buy” button that leads a user to a point of purchase outside of Apple.

Apple takes 30 percent of the revenue from all media purchases or subscription transactions that take place through its platform. Comparatively, Google takes a 10 percent cut of in-app subscriptions via its One Pass system on Android devices.

Image: The Wall Street Journal has ended all transactions within Apple apps
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