Time to make all titles available on tablets by year’s end

Time Inc. plans to make all its 21 magazines available on all leading tablet platforms by the end of the year, the publishing arm of Time Warner said Wednesday, Reuters reported.

The company already has its top four titles – People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Time – available on iPad as well as other similar devices.
Time said it has sold 600,000 single copy digital editions so far. By comparison, its print subscribers total 28 million.
“In the coming year, there will clearly be many more consumers using tablets, accelerating demand for content and driving advertiser interest. We are putting ourselves in a great position to take advantage of these opportunities,” according to Maurice Edelson, EVP and a member of Time Inc.’s interim management committee. “Having our entire portfolio available on tablets will create a significant new digital reach for our advertisers,” Poynter reported.
The move is part of a wider strategy to charge a single price for its content. It means a subscriber to People gets the print edition as well as access to the digital version for a single subscription charge.
All of the titles will be available on Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android Marketplace, Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and Next Issue Media’s store, according to Time Inc.
Image: Mashable

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