Magazines see mixed sales results in 2011

The first half of the year has been big on news, but different news magazines have seen different results.

Time magazine, the top news weekly in the United States, watched newsstand sales rise by 16 percent  and circulation increase almost 2 percent over the period, The New York Times reported. Meanwhile, Newsweek’s circulation dropped by 5 percent, but single sales increased almost 3 percent.

However, the magazines with the biggest circulations aren’t necessarily news magazines. The most circulated magazines in the United States includes O, The Oprah Magazine, at 2.46 million; AAA Living (2.47 million), Maxim (2.5 million), American Legion (2.3 million), Southern Living (2.8 million), and Prevention (2.9 million), among others, according to the Huffington Post.

Overall, single-copy sales of U.S. magazines were down 9 percent in the period, The Associated Press reported. However, overall circulation was down only 1 percent.

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